This product not only meticulously take care of your feet ,it also supplies special back electrode and this can massage the spots in different parts of your body,to effectively treat pains in shoulders.And eliminate the excessive fatness in back waist and hands,it will produce incredible good effect .

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1)As a mirco -computer high -tech product ,it is one of the lightest and easiest health apparatus in the world.

2)Its controller employs high-tech chip and features low-voltage power.

3)It is a foot even body care expert without any side effect.


1)Adjust function of body.

2)Resist fatigue

3)Resist ageing

4)Enhance circulation system of body.

5)Improve weak physique

Safety Precaution

1)Patients with serious skin hemorrhage or skin diseases is not suitable for the product.

2)Patients with heart diseases or hypertension is not suitable for the product.

3)Pregnant women is not suitable for the product.

4)Do not apply this product to infant s or any other that can not express themselves,please keep this product out of reach of infants.

5)Do not operate this product in places where there is high humidity or while you are bathing.

6)Do not immerse batteries into water cartidge to open the cover.

7)Do not detach or repair this product by yourself to prevent possible default.


Battery is not included

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Digital Healthy Reflexology Electric BODY & FOOT MASSAGE

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